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    Route Description: Trail from east to vest of the main ridge of the Fagaras Mountains The crossing of the main ridge of the Făgăraş Mountains is a tour with a great physical and psychical demanding tour, because it lasts for several days (about 6-7 days), during which we will encounter differences of some hundred meters, […]



    Crossing the main ridges of the Cindrel Mountains, from East to West Rasinari Village – Plaiului Peak (1196 m) – Tomnatec Peak (1386 m) – Poiana Oncesti / Oncesti Glade (1625 m) – Poiana Muncel / Muncel Glade (1660 m) – Saua Batrana / Old Saddle (1885 m) – Rozdesti Peak (1954 m) – Saua […]



    CEAHLAU MASSIF – 2 – Itinerary: Iasi- Tg. Frumos- Ruginoasa- Pascani- Motca- Tg. Neamt- Durau- crossing Ceahlau Masiv- Izvorul Muntelui- Bicaz- Piatra Neamt- Hanul Ancutei- Mircesti- Strunga- Iasi More Photos with Ceahlau Mountains & Surroundings Information About Iasi County & Ceahlau Mountains

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    On the right shore of Olt, in the place where the tumultuous river that comes from Hasmasul Mare escapes from the mountains, is the well known balneal-climacteric resort Calimanesti-Caciulata. The resort is appreciated especially because of the mineral waters, which curative qualities are known ever since Matei Basarab, that was using them as healing waters…….. […]



    The winding roads that come down from Prislop Pass, take you to Tara Maramuresului, (area that kept the traditions very well that is why we call it Maramuresului country), the most spreaded depression of the Oriental Carpathians, born after an immersion of the ground. After the withdrawal of the tertiary sea , when the volcanic […]



    The Romanian viticulture, with ancient traditions, attested in historic and cartographic documents, connects today the branches of agriculture. The reputation of the wine and grapes quality passed the border of our country. Numerous historic documents stand as a poof that, even from ancient times, on the territory of our country the viticulture was practiced: “Burebista, […]

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  • Destination of the month: Shumen

                                   Discover the historical delights of Tourism Region Shumen, Bulgaria                                                                      Project  “The Roots of Bulgaria” Operational Program Regional Development 2007 – 2013 Investing in your Future! The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and […]

  • Romania

    Romania – Amazing & Simply Surprising

    A World Without Romania Amazing Romania – Land of Choice 1  Amazing Romania – Land of Choice 2 Top 5 Things to See in Romania Romania – Simply Surprizing The Real Romania  

  • Massif Ceahlau

    The 7 Geographical Wonders Of The Romanian Land

    Danube Delta Only who glide by steamer and by boat through reeds, when the day didn’t overcome the night, when grain’s sounds have not yet awakened to life a new morning, then in the twilight at the bloody time of sunset, when the fishermen return to villages with the rich and silvery fruits of waters, […]

  • The 7 Cultural Wonders Of The Romanian Land

    The 7 Cultural Wonders Of The Romanian Land

    Iasi – Cultural  Triangle of the exceptional town soul of Moldova Iasi – Moldova’s capital – we recommend as a true cultural capital: Three Hierarchs Church – Shelter of the bones remains of three great rulers, Alexandru Ioan Cuza and Vasile Lupu, Dimitrie Cantemir. It was built in 1637-1639 by Vasile Lupu, outdoor decorations is combining oriental, […]

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    Romanian Tourist Guide Tours specialist, Holidays in Romania, Danube Delta, Trakking & Picture hunting in Carpathians Mountains, Adventure in Romaia, Tourist Atractions, Travel & Tourism informations, Romanian Tours, Romania Holidays,  Student Travel in Romania, all in Romanian Tourist Guide. If you are interested in visiting Romania, you are on the right track! Whether you are […]

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